Travelblog Photo &Poem: Dog Hair

Reviewing talking points, morning
coffee cooling in a contemporary
hotel room eight thousand miles
from my prairie farm. Dressing for

a teaching day, I unpack the red
vest to find a few stray white hairs,
thinner than my own, reminding
me of the one at home who doesn’t

know I have a job, the one who misses
me too much. Home-sweetness seeps
into the air, “Good dog,” recalibrating
my posture, not brushing them away.

Anna Blake at Infinity Farm
Horse Advocate, Author, Clinician, Equine Pro
Planning our 2019 clinic schedule now. Email me at for details.


  1. You must remember that I have a special dog, my fifth child who this fits so perfectly for. Hope all is good for you, I hope to try and go to your Horse Prayers book review at the Saddle place not far from me and will bring my horse friend along – she loved the book. Dixie Ann Gordon


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