Book Review:Horse Prayers by Anna Blake

Horse Prayers has landed! So grateful for this wonderful review from Anne, and she shared two of my favorite poems.


Poetry!  The best poets, with an economy of words, can bring us ideas that hurtle through our heads with the speed and power of an express train or come in quietly through the door of our minds and pass through gently leaving their footprints.  In “Horse Prayers” Anna Blake comes in quietly  and leaves not only footprints but hoofprints.  Horse Prayers is an enchanting collection of poems about life on the Colorado prairie.  The poems speak mostly of horses and donkeys, but also dogs, goats and the prairie itself.

The poems are divided into sections of Moons: Wolf Moon, Pink Moon, Strawberry Moon, Harvest Moon, Hunter Moon, and Cold Moon. Each moon has a thread that runs through it.  My two favourites were in Wolf Moon; both told of the relationship we have with horses that is not about their submission to humans, or the humans’ control of horses but…

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    • Thanks, Sharon. I know when the first printing company crashed, some orders were lost, sorry about that. If this fails, too, let me know but I think it’s working now. Seems having photos in a book is wildly complicated??? Thanks again for being persistent.


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