Upcoming Book Talks and Upcoming Books!

virtueI was that kid; in junior high school, I routinely turned in twelve page book reports when two pages were required. There’s an argument that I should have started editing my writing back then… but bless my overworked English teachers who were kind enough to take the time to grade so much over-written acreage with their red pens.

By high school I had that one special English teacher, of course. Her name was Mrs. LaBelle, and what was the miraculous thing she did? She liked me. For those of us whose home life was lacking, that’s all it took to inspire us. I was hungry and I met her half-way. When I went wild for Shakespeare, she offered me independent study so I could read more. And when that semester was ending, she asked if I was aware that the seeds of Shakespeare were found in Greek classics. So another independent study semester, and when I cut class my senior year, you could find me reading Euripides out on the lawn. Yes, I was that kid. I didn’t make it to college, but I have read world literature all my adult life, thanks to Mrs. LaBelle. And there’s more than a bit of her in me still.

Each year of school, some teacher took notice of me and it made all the difference. I’ll never be a huge fan of homeschooling; I will forever support public schools as I continue to benefit from that opportunity of meeting adults outside my family who helped me see past my circumstances. It’s a gift I still hold dear.

And now I’m back in the place I love; writing and editing the next book. I’m working again with my editor and book designer. Red ink rules the day. This part is just as creative as the first draft. I love the job of getting every word just so. The cover is nearly finished except for the blurb. They’re murder to write; it’s when you distill the book down to one scintillating paragraph for the back cover.

This new book has the working title of Relaxed and Forward: Relationship Advice From Your Horse. It’s a compilation of selected essays from the first five years of my blog, as requested by readers. I write about technique, but more than that, the writing focuses on touch, feel, and attitude most effective in work with horses. Because any relationship must be fully dimensional to be honest.

I’m hoping to have the new book available by December.

There are a few local book events coming up soon for Stable Relation:

Wednesday, October 21st, I will be at Happy Dog Ranch in Littleton, Colorado with the Horse Hungry Meet-up group. Everyone is welcome; contact me if you’d like to come.

Saturday, November 28th, I’ll be signing books at Covered Treasures Bookstore in Monument, Colorado from 12 to 2pm. They’re located in the Chapala Building, at 105 Second Street. (719-481-BOOK) This indie bookstore is a wonderful stop for holiday shopping. I hope to see many of you there.

Join us December 5th, Saturday, at High Prairie Library here in Falcon, Colorado between 1-3pm. I’ll be reading, taking questions and signing books. The library has also purchased books that will be available for lend soon. Libraries are the place dreams are born, come and say hello!

Stable_Relation_3D_Cover[1]And finally, I confess that biology was the class I tanked in. Ironic, as much amateur veterinary work as I do these days. What classes in school served you more than you expected? And most of all, tell me about your special teacher. What would you like to say to them today?

[Click HERE for the link to buy my book, or if you’ve already read it, please consider leaving a review on this link as well. It really does make a difference.]

And most of all, thank you for supporting us.


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