I Quack at Tweeting.

Tami'sTHEY” tell authors we need a platform. That we can’t get published without one. At the same time I think there might be a rule among writers that it’s cool to hate social media. #iamanartist

“It just takes too much time.” On the rare occasion that I get in a room with other writers, no one wants to have a blog because it’s time-consuming, frustrating work, and then they have to promote it on social media. After five and a half years of actively blogging, I totally agree. I’d even add that you don’t make a dime. On the other hand, it is where actual readers hang out.  #writerswrite #bitingthehandthatfeedsyou

I get defensive in those writer meetings. I like social media. #contraryasagoat

I’m a board member of Horse Advocates of Colorado. We formed, put up a page on Facebook, and had over six hundred followers within a week. Now we are over a thousand members strong and those likes get us into welfare meetings that matter. The legal system knows us and the local horse community can stay informed. I blog for them; it’s time-consuming and unpaid. And it makes a difference. #blogyourpolitics #dogooder

Social media is what you make of it. You can complain about your spouse, take selfies all day, or show us your shoes. #selfobscesseddweeb  Or you can get a kind reminder that your friends care about you on your birthday or when you lose a pet. #notalone #loveyou

We do have freedom of speech in this country and the responsibility of keeping the conversation worthwhile is up to each individual. #oldschoolgoldenrule #hatersgottahate

I rock on Facebook. I’ve found a supportive community that cares about what I care about. I write a blog horses and barn life; it has a sense of humor and a big heart. I try to make words matter; I try to explain things that are hard to explain. #horsesareaparable #bittersweet

It takes courage to hit the publish button each blog post–still now–so many posts later. And the same bravery again for the share button on Facebook. Posts were soundly ignored for the first few years; some go viral now.  #whocareswhatyouthink  #doitanyway

Are you one of the people I’ve been rude to on Twitter? I may imitate cool on Facebook (#geniusinherownmind) but Twitter kills me. I look away and hit the auto-post button. I hate those crazy-weird shortened URLs and abbreviated words hurt my ears. #wouldbeenglishmajor #socialmediasnob

But a writer/friend in Austin, Jann, suggested I up my Twitter-self. She says the writers there are positive and supportive. She was right. @annablake got a new photo and new blurb. #reluctantsuccess  #tryingthankstoJann

Then the real challenge; it’s a different language. Jann gave me some pointers and then started tweeting about my book. #reallifedemonstration  I had no idea what to do next–what if what I did was arrogant or lame. So I stared at the page. And stared some more. #flopsweat

Then I followed a couple of re-tweeters. And I thanked one of them. The staring continued. It’s the hashtags that baffle me the most. Can you tell? Some connect you to people (I think) and some are red herrings. Can any of you help me with this? Seriously, in the comments please.  #twitterfordumbies  #amIbeingobtuse #talkdowntome

WEEKLY UPDATE: book sales trickle in and the promoting continues. Stable Relation has been out for two months. If it had been published traditionally, the publisher would back off now, in favor of newer books. It hasn’t been enough time so I’m talking to the library about buying Stable Relation and I’ve enrolled in their local author program. The first book talks were so fun, that I’m looking for more public speaking opportunities.

I am being redundant, but here is where I ask again; please write a review, just a few words when you have a moment, to post to Amazon, Good Reads and Barnes and Noble. It keeps Stable Relation alive in the search engines; it gives it a bit of weight when promoting the book.

There is a book giveaway at Goodreads, (here,scroll down a bit). It’s a dozen signed copies; you should enter. It’s another way I can thank you.

Most of all, thank you, for reading it in the first place and then following this road with me. Knowing that we are all part of a bigger herd is the best part of the journey. #happytrails #graditudeincapitalletters #itsalongandwindingroad

I did hear back from the tweeter that I thanked. At first I didn’t think there was a messaged, just a garbled short link. So I added a squink to my usual stare, and that’s when I found the message: YW.  I had to look it up.


  1. That made me laugh, Anna! I am too old for tweeting, plus I learned French & Latin as a teenager, that’s enough foreign languages for me. I will stay with Facebook because I really like writing and reading sentences. I sent in a five star review of Stable Relation to Amazon, but it seems to have vanished into the unknown. Sigh.


    • #olddognewtricks I hear you, I consider it one of those puzzles to ward off old age. (Thanks for the review, and I know it takes time. I do appreciate it… please try again when you have time.)


  2. I’m a PR girl and the first form of writing we learn is tweeting – if you can shorten what you need to say to 140 characters, then you can write ANYTHING! Your photo prompts on the blog would be a great share. Otherwise think of it as sound bites, like whispering something to a friend in passing. It gets easier!


  3. I was a late adopter of Twitter and now I love it. It’s the place I put all the great links I find, because I know that most people don’t click through on Facebook. I keep old blog posts alive by tweeting several a day, and it drives quite a bit of traffic. It’s ugly to look at…I get that. If you follow a lot of people, lists are the only way to make it manageable (Although I follow over 1900 I have a list of 35 that are all I look at regularly). And hashtags were baffling but now I understand them. It’s like a filing system. Your book tweets might include #nextgreatbook #memoir #animallovers…take advantage of trending hashtags, for example “Stable Relation goes great with your #pumpkinspicelatte 🙂


  4. I love this… the tweets are hilarious! Anything that helps promotes your AWESOME book Stable Relation is worth it! Thanks for the chuckle!


  5. Ha! You stuck it out and Twitter is no longer your enemy, I see. Sorry to have lost track of your posts for awhile — I just noticed this one. Nice of you to offer me a shoutout. Hope you finally found some comfort with hashtags. Congrats on your publishing success!


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