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Sometimes I see a father playing with his child, tossing her in the air and catching her, holding her tight to his chest. Then my heartbeat feels tight in my own chest and I think of Spirit. He did that toss and catch with me. –Anna Blake, Stable Relation

He’s old and sway-back, he casts a long shadow, but he never stands alone. My Grandfather Horse is more than a muse; part of him is in everything I write. Never want to miss a chance to say thank you. Do you owe a debt to a horse?

Anna Blake, Infinity Farm.

Stable_Relation_3D_Cover[1]Stable Relation: A memoir of the farm I grew up on, the farm I have now, and the horse who carried me in between. Available at book sellers July 15, 2015. To get updates and the inside story, sign up here: Prairie Moon News. Thank you.


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  1. Anna,I am so happy for you and your book!  I am happy for myself also.  I will get to read it!  My bookclub meets at my house in August and guess what I want us to read!!xxooAnn


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